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We're Aussies bringing you the best Cocktail Smoker Kits for home mixologists and food lovers. if you're looking for gift ideas for men or women, then look no further! Whether you’re a whiskey smoker or want smoked ribs with a twist, the Sixpence Alchemy cocktail smokers are for you!

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Australia's Best Hardwood Cocktail Smoker and Butane Torch With a Smoking Cocktail
Sixpence Alchemy Cocktail and Food Smoke Infuser sitting on a Bar with a Smoked Whiskey

Cocktail Smoker vs Cocktail Infuser

Firstly, both smoking cocktail kits are totally awesome!
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The Hardwood Cocktail Smoker

Make no mistake, these smoke tops put out some smoke, however they offer more control. Great Christmas Gift ideas for crafting the perfect cocktail with a little added theatre!

Superior Quality

Handcrafted from Sapele hardwood, this smoker is of the highest quality. The exceptional workmanship sets the benchmark for other cocktail smokers.

Complete Set

Six 30gr tins of delicately air-dried wood chips, premium quality butane torch, long-lasting double mesh filter offering over 500 uses and classy cleaning brush.

Simple to Use

This cocktail smoker is so easy to set up and use PLUS we provide training videos, recipes and access to our exclusive cocktail smokers club.

The Food and Cocktail Smoke Infuser

Enjoy billowing streams of smoke with this unique Christmas and birthday gift idea for men and women. Smoke drinks and food alike with this compact, portable bar tool. No need for a butane torch, simply use a lighter.

Strong Smoke

These smoke infuser guns create a lot of smoke in seconds. Add natural smoke flavour to food and drinks alike. Superior quality, the barrel is made is aluminium and the base from industrial plastic.

Exceptional Quality

This smoke infuser is sturdy and elegantly designed. Complete with a 10g bag of cherry woodchips, detachable hose and specially designed nozzle, cleaning brush and two extra mesh filters.

Easy to Use

Ideal for home chefs and mixologists, this smoking gun allows you to easily make smoke infused creations with smoke billowing in seconds.

Australia's Best Cocktail Smokers

If you're looking for a unique Christmas gift idea or Father's Day gift for men, then check out Australia's best Cocktails Smokers and Infusers. Elevate the taste of whiskey, rum, bourbon and more...

Sixpence Alchemy Cocktail and Food Smoking Gun Smoking an Antipasto Platter With Cheese

Smoke Infused Gastronomic Delights

Smoked Antipasto

The Sixpence Alchemy Cocktail and Food Smoker is easy to use but allows you to create magic! Elevate the tastes you create by infusing a delicious smoky flavour to any food or drink.

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