Smoked Mezcaletti Cocktail Recipe

Smoked Mezcaletti Cocktail Recipe

    Smoked Mescalleti Cocktail Sixpence Alchemy

    The Mezcaletti is a contemporary cocktail invented in 2015 by Richard Boccato at Dutch Kills in New York City, New York. This concoction is celebrated for its remarkable complexity, despite its minimalist composition of only three components: Mezcal, Meletti Amaro, and Orange Bitters. We celebrate this recipe further by adding a new component - pear wood chips and creating the Smoked Mezcaletti Cocktail!

    The Mezcaletti Cocktail boasts citrusy fragrances that harmoniously blend herbal notes with its own subtle hint of smokiness. It offers a well-balanced taste, where earthy mezcal seamlessly intertwines with herbal elements, with only a subtle touch of bitterness from the amaro. As the experience culminates, the bitterness gradually intensifies on the finish.   

    Smoked Mezcaletti Cocktail Ingredients 

    • 30ml Mezcal
    • 30ml Meletti Amaro
    • 2 dashes of Orange Bitters
    • Pinch of pear wood chips
    • Lemon twist or wedge to garnish

    Smoked Mezcaletti Cocktail Method 

    • Stir all ingredients with ice into a cocktail mixing glass.
    • Add a pinch of pear wood chips (or the wood chip flavour of your choice) into your smoker and light. 
    • Allow the smoke to infuse for 20 to 30 seconds.
    • Stir the ingredients and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice.
    • Add lemon twist or wedge to garnish


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