Step by Step Guide on How to Use the Cocktail Smoker and Infuser

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Selection: The first step is choosing the right type of wood chips. Each variety imparts a unique flavour, so the choice should complement your cocktail. For instance, pecan adds a sweet, nutty rich flavour - which pairs well with whiskey.

Preparation: Place your selected wood chips in your hardwood cocktail smoke top or into your smoke infuser gun, depending on your device.

Smoking: For the Sixpence Alchemy Hardwood Smoker, place the smoker on top or your glass, mixing glass or cocktail shaker, add the woodchips of choice then set it aflame until it begins to smoulder.

If using the Sixpence Alchemy Smoke Infuser Gun, place the hose into your glass or shaker (making sure it sits above the liquid so the hose end does not get wet), place the woodchips into the chamber and light until woodchips are alight. Then turn off the smoke infuser and remove the hose (you may choose to cover your glass or shaker with a coaster here).

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Infusion: Let the smoke permeate your cocktail for a few minutes. The infusion process allows the nuanced flavours of the smoke to meld with the cocktail, creating a multi-layered taste experience.

Serving: Immediately after the infusion, uncover and serve your smoked cocktail. Not only will this provide a unique flavour but also a dramatic presentation, with the smoke swirling around as it escapes.

Using flavoured wood for infusing smoky flavour to Cocktails using the Sixpence Alchemy Cocktail Smoker

Using Flavoured Woodchips

Using flavoured woodchips in a cocktail smoker or smoke infuser is a popular way to add a unique twist to drinks and food.

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Wood Flavour Characteristics

Using the Smoke Infuser for Food Smoking

Selection: Choose the type of woodchips that will best enhance your food. 

Loading: Place your chosen wood chips into the chamber at the top of your food infuser gun. The design of the infuser gun ensures a controlled release of smoke from the chips.

Infusing: The infuser's hose and nozzle are then placed under a cloche covering the food or drink to be smoked. This confined space allows the smoke to thoroughly permeate your food or beverage.

Activation: Turn on the infuser gun to ignite the wood chips. The smoke produced is directed through the hose and nozzle, infusing the food under the cloche.  Turn off the infuser once the cloche is filled with smoke.

Infusion: Allow the smoke to infuse your dish for a few minutes. This ensures the smoke's flavour is fully integrated into the item, creating a multi-layered taste experience.

Serving: Once the infusion process is complete, remove the cloche just before serving. The escaping smoke adds a dramatic visual effect and ensures the aroma is fresh as your guests enjoy their smoked dish or cocktail.

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The Art of Infusion

Natural Wood Chips for Food and Drink Infusion

Flavoured wood chips are cherished tools in the culinary world, frequently used to infuse a distinctive depth of taste into both food and cocktails through a method known as smoking. This technique harnesses the slow burning woodchips to produce flavourful smoke, bestowing an intricate aroma to the food or drink in question.

By employing flavoured woodchips in the Sixpence Alchemy Hardwood Cocktail Smoker or Smoke Infuser, you can create a gourmet cooking and mixology experience, opening the door to a world of innovative and enticing taste combinations. 

Happy Smoking!